The Goa government has been urged to construct a memorial for three ayurvedic physicians — Ranga Bhat, Vinayak Pandit and Appu Bhat — for their contribution to Konkani language through Hortus Indicus Malabaricus .

This was one of the resolutions passed unanimously at the end of the two-day seminar on Tuesday, ‘Contribution of Konkanis to Hortus Indicus Malabaricus’ , a 17th century treatise on medicinal properties of plants in Kerala, originally in Latin.

The seminar was organised here by the Goa Konkani Academy, in association with the State Directorate of Archives and Archaeology.

The participants called upon the Kerala government to recognise the contribution of the trio, who are of Goan origin, while referring to the treatise in any official document.

The government should consider funding a documentary on the monumental work, giving due credit to the three.

The Corporation of Cochin should erect an appropriate memorial in tribute to Itty Achutan of Kerala, Ranga Bhat, Pandit and Appu Bhat, considering that these physicians spent a precious number of years in Kochi to document the work, the seminar resolved.


The seminar called upon the Goa government to exhibit a replica of the fifth certificate, appearing in Hortus Indicus Malabaricus (Volume 1) in Konkani, at the State-owned Krishnadas Shama State Central Library at Patto here, as well as at the park Garcia de Orta. This would create awareness among tourists and the public about such a historic document in Konkani.

Another resolution demanded that the government include information about the treatise in the school syllabus, so that children know about their heritage.


It also called upon Goa University to initiate a pioneering project to translate Hortus Indicus Malabaricus directly from Latin to Konkani. Presently, only the names of plants are available in Konkani.

The university should also form a taskforce of experts and scholars in Latin and English, to have the treatise translated afresh into English 0 to remove the disparities and deviations in the present version.

The seminar was attended, among others, by V.V. Bhat, Secretary, Union government, and Ramadas U. Kamath, senior vice-president, Infosys.

  • Goa government urged to construct a memorial for Ranga Bhat, Vinayak Pandit and Appu Bhat

  • ‘Include information on Hortus Indicus Malabaricus in school syllabus’