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Where is my Aadhaar?

My wife, Bharathi. M, and I applied for Aadhaar in April and on April 24 I received an SMS from the authority that 'your Aadhaar number has been generated and will be sent by post'. Till date, we have not received the numbers. I am really surprised at the inefficiency of the department. I don’t know whom to approach. I request the authorities concerned to look into the matter and issue the numbers at the earliest.

H. Madhusudhan Bhandarkar


Congress going back on promise

During recent elections to City Corporation Council, Congress leader, Janardhana Poojary, assured people that the Congress would not increase property tax and water charges for next five years. Believing Mr. Poojary’s words and promise, people voted for the Congress. But the happiness seems to be short-lived because Urban Development Minister Vinaya Kumar Sorake gave a hint on hiking the tax in MCC limits. So it is clear from this, that politicians and the party forget their promise and the people who voted for them once the purpose is served. The Minister has said that water tax would be hiked without making it a burden for common people. How is it possible? Now milk price is going to be increased, and hike in electricity charges, and all other taxes would follow. So on the whole, it is a gift to Mangaloreans by the Congress for voting for it.

Sukumar Talpady


MCC, please check your backyard

The rear gate of the Mangalore City Corporation office at Lalbagh, is in a pitiable state. The cattlegrid is gone. It causes damage to vehicles and hardship to pedestrians, especially during heavy rains. The corporation collects taxes but has no time to inspect its backyard. The road leading to the Central Station from Attavara-Nandigudda Road is in bad shape. Though there is a divider, one side is permanently closed. Auto drivers block the other road. For what is so much parking fee taken?

K.P. Vasudeva Rao


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