Rani Channamma University has confirmed the allegations of students that some of the colleges affiliated to it are indulging in financial irregularities and exploiting students by collecting more examination fees. On Wednesday, the RCU Registrar (Evaluation) Naik Janardhan Govindrao issued a press release saying that some of the principals of the affiliated colleges were collecting more than the prescribed fee. He clarified that the RCU had neither hiked the examination fee nor withdrawn it, as misconstrued by some students.

The RCU issued a notification on August 23 this year stipulating fees for its undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the academic year 2013-14. As per the notification, the examination fee for each paper was fixed at Rs. 200, subject to a maximum of Rs. 660.

In addition, each student is required to pay Rs.100 towards statement of marks and another Rs. 60 for the examination form. With that, the total fee comes up to Rs. 820.

“This is a gross violation of rules and regulations which attracts penal action,” the Registrar said.

“Through this press notification, principals of the college are advised to refund excess examination fees collected over and above the stipulated amount to the concerned students,” he added.

Meanwhile, the district units of the All India Democratic Youth Organisation and All India Democratic Students Organisation have welcomed RCU’s decision of warning principals against collecting excess examination fee.