S.L. Bhoje Gowda, member of the Bar Council of India, has alleged that Chikmagalur MLA C.T. Ravi misused his authority as a member of the Chikmagalur Urban Development Authority (CDA) and fooled the poor farmers to benefit his close relatives.

Mr. Bhoje Gowda told presspersons here on Wednesday that Mr. Ravi mooted a water park project in Hiremagalur in Chikmagalur taluk only to grab poor farmers' land through his relatives. The MLA's relatives purchased land at a throwaway price.

Mr. Bhoje Gowda said the MLA mooted the project in CDA and it was approved by the authority on January 15, 2009.

“However, even before taking approval of the Government, eight acres of land was notified for the project at Hiremagalur,” he said.

The water park project was proposed in a tank, which was utilised for irrigation purposes. The Department of Minor Irrigation, in its letter of December 7, 2009, refused to hand over the tank for the project citing that it was necessary for irrigation purposes.

“Interestingly”, Mr. Bhoje Gowda said, “three months before the Minor Irrigation Department refused to hand over its tank, the land notified was registered in the name of C.D. Anil Kumar, a close confidant of C.T Ravi.”

Mr. Bhoje Gowda questioned how the land had been registered in the name of C.D. Anil Kumar even when it was notified for a project. “It is clear that the MLA succeeded in buying the property paying a throwaway price and register it using his power as a public representative. The same land was later registered in the name of H.B. Sudarshan and his wife Tejaswini in June 2010. They are relatives of the MLA,” he said.

He alleged that the whole idea of the water project was only to grab land. “Otherwise, how could one plan a water park project in a tank meant for irrigation purpose? Now, the property is worth crores of rupees,” he said. He said he would file a complaint against the MLA with Karnataka Lokayukta.

  • Lawyer says the MLA mooted a water project first

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