K.S. Rangappa’s appointment as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mysore on Friday has raised quite a few eyebrows. Only on Thursday, Higher Education Minister C.T. Ravi said that another meeting of the search committee would be convened soon.

In the first week of January, when the search committee met in Bangalore, the former Vice-Chancellors H.P. Khincha, N.R. Shetty and M.S. Thimmappa and the former ISEC Director G. Thimmaiah had failed to arrive at a consensus and ended up sending two lists of names to the government. While one list recommended the names of Prof. Rangappa, G.K. Karanth, professor from ISEC, and psychology professor from Mysore university Mewa Singh, the other one had the name of N.S. Ashok Kumar, Registrar, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. This was because Prof. Thimmappa had given a dissent note on the recommendation of Prof. Rangappa. “There is a writ petition pending in the Karnataka High Court which has a very serious allegation against Prof. Rangappa. Until the judgment is out, it is prudent for us not to consider him for the post,” Prof. Thimmappa had said in the note.

Reacting to the news of Prof. Rangappa’s appointment, Prof. Thimmappa said, “There is no dearth of candidates for the VC’s post. He is already a VC. The spirit of the Karnataka State University Act 2000 has been violated as it specifies that a VC can get only one term (of four years). If the pending case against him is not a disqualification to become the VC for this government, VC and this search committee, what can I say?”