Ramachandra Gowda, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Board, has condemned the Janata Dal (S) for its protest over the holding of the Bhagyalakshmi programme in Mandya on Monday and termed it “undemocratic”.

In a press note here, Mr. Gowda said: “it is unfortunate that the Janata Dal (S) has proved to be hopelessly unprofessional and absolutely irresponsible.” Having failed to get into a constructive, meaningful and intellectually stimulating debate in the legislature, the party has now resorted to a destructive approach outside the legislature, as evident by its conduct in Mandya, he said.

Hostile stance

Stating that the Janata Dal (S) had neither wisdom nor maturity to differentiate between an enemy and an opponent, the former Minister said its leaders always spewed venom; have been vicious and took hostile stance against the BJP for no valid, credible and logical reason.

“Intolerant attitude is something unhealthy in a parliamentary democracy.”

The Bhagyalakshmi Scheme was a revolutionary idea conceived by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa. The scheme aimed at eliminating female foeticide and encouraged education of girls. The scheme had been lauded by the Union Government and the Planning Commission. “Yet, the Janata Dal (S) refuses to see the ground reality,” Mr. Gowda added.