There was not much progress till the end of October

Rabi sowing, which was going on at a snail’s pace in Bellary district till the end of October, has picked up pace.

Besides, some kharif crops, sown late, including groundnut, maize and sunflower, are showing signs of recovery, thanks to widespread rain on November 1 and 2.

K. Ramanna, Joint Director, Department of Agriculture, told The Hindu that sowing for rabi, which stood at 26 per cent up to the first fortnight of October, touched 42.69 per cent by November 5.

The sowing target for rabi season is 1.65 lakh hectares, of which 1.13 lakh ha is rain-fed.

In October, the district received an average rainfall of 12.9 mm against the normal of 104.8 mm.

The average rainfall recorded on the first two days of November was 114 mm against the normal of 30.9 mm.

Jowar, maize, wheat, Bengal gram, cowpea, sunflower and cotton are among the major rabi crops cultivated in the district.

Farmers are expected to cultivate only short-term crops like Bengal gram and sunflower, which can sustain dry spells.

  • Widespread rain on November 1, 2 has helped some late-sown kharif crops recover

  • The rabi sowing target for Bellary district is 1.65 lakh hectares