The Government has set a foodgrain production target of 9.16 lakh tonnes for Raichur district, covering 2.34 lakh hectares, for this kharif season. Sources in the Agriculture Department toldThe Hinduthat a major part would be covered by paddy. Contribution of pulses would be negligible.

While the production target for cereals was 8.1 lakh tonnes, covering an area of 1.6 lakh hectares, that of pulses was 1.05 lakh tonnes, covering 73,700 hectares.

Paddy would continue to dominate the agricultural sector in the district, which is known as the rice bowl of the State.

Production of 7.35 lakh tonnes of paddy in 1.05 lakh hectares during the kharif season is what is being aimed at.

The production target for bajra is 65,250 tonnes ( 52,500 hectares) and 10,000 tonnes for maize (2,500 hectares). The rest of the area, around 350 hectares, would be covered with jowar and minor millets.

Pulses such as gram, green gram, cowpea, horse gram and black gram would be cultivated on 73,700 hectares. Of this, the department plans to bring a record 65,000 hectares under red gram cultivation to produce over one lakh tonnes of the crop this year. The target for red gram cultivation in the district has doubled in the last two seasons. In fact, red gram has replaced the cultivable area under sunflower as it appears the farmers prefer it due to the high returns.

The production target for green gram is 4,800 tonnes (8,000 hectares) followed by cowpea at 350 tonnes (500 hectares) and horse gram and black gram at 60 tonnes each (100 hectares each). Sources said the production target for oilseeds was 63,640 tonnes (35,600 hectares). Groundnut and sunflower, the major oilseed crops in the district, would be cultivated on 13,000 hectares and 17,000 hectares respectively to achieve a production target of 33,200 tonnes and 27,000 tonnes, respectively.

In all, the Government wants 2.69 lakh hectares brought under cultivation, including 1.35 lakh hectares under irrigation, with a target to produce 9.16 lakh tonnes of foodgrains and 64,000 tonnes of oilseeds.

Commercial crops

Under commercial crops during this kharif season, the department has set a target of 1.27 lakh bales of cotton, covering 30,000 hectares, and 12,750 tonnes of sugarcane, covering 150 hectares.

  • The production target for cereals fixed at 8.1 lakh tonnes

  • Paddy to dominate the agricultural sector in the district