Residents of Pudakalakatti village in the outskirts of the city have urged the North-Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) to initiate bus services to the village.

In a release, the Bus Saulabhya Horata Samiti head Gangadhar Mulimani said the residents of Pudakalkatti village and surrounding areas were facing difficulties after the route for Bailhongal-Dharwad buses was changed.

He said the buses earlier passed through Pudakalakatti village, providing connectivity to the villagers. However, when NWKRTC authorities changed the route via Yadawad village, they did not provide an alternative bus facility for Pudakalakatti residents.

As a result, village residents, particularly students, found it difficult to travel to Dharwad. Students could not reach their colleges located in the city on time, and this was affecting their studies, he added.

Insufficient buses

Mr. Mulimani said the residents were now dependent on two buses which ran between Uppinabetageri and Dharwad via Pudakalakatti, which did not come on time.

Moreover, two buses were insufficient and the buses were always packed, he said. The NWKRTC should reinstate buses on the Bailhongal-Dharwad route or run additional buses between Pudakalakatti and Dharwad, he said.


Mr. Mulimani said the villagers had opposed the route change when it was proposed. Later, requests were made to the NWKRTC Bailhongal depot manager, the Deputy Commissioner and Dharwad MLA Vinay Kulkarni, but to no avail.

The villagers would intensify the struggle if their demands were not fulfilled, he said.