The president of Chamarajanagar Town Municipal Council, Bhagyamma, has appealed to the public to pay their taxes for the development of town.

Addressing presspersons here on Thursday, she said that there was a shortage of funds to provide various amenities due to reduction in collection of taxes.

She said the TMC had collected taxes amounting to Rs. 90.12 lakh and the remaining Rs. 1.09 crore was yet to be collected. Ms. Bhagyamma said that Rs. 47 lakh was being spent on supplying drinking water to Chamarajanagar town and Rs. 76 lakh water tax was yet to be collected. She said the TMC had collected Rs. 90.12 lakh of the Rs. 199.38 lakh it had to collect till the end of December 2010.

She said that she had instructed staff to go to people's doorsteps and collect the taxes within three months.

Speaking on the occasion, TMC Commissioner B. Krishnappa said work on installing pipelines and supplying drinking water will begin after finalising the tender.