Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The newly laid 1000 sq mm, D/C, 66 KV underground cable laid by Karnataka Power Transmission and Corporation Ltd from the existing 220/66 KV Hoody substation to the existing 66/11 KV EPIP sub station at White Filed, Bangalore Urban District, will be energised shortly.

The EHV cable line will pass through Hoody KPTCL Colony, Tyco electronics Industrial Road, Hoody Kundalahalli Main Road, in front of IFB industries foot path and graphite India gate, in front of Radha Hotel and Fortune Hotel food path up to up to 66/11 KV EPIP Sub Station.

Keep away

The public are informed to keep away from the above cable not to dig the trench in the above areas without intimating the KPTCL authorities. In a release, KPTCL has said that the KPTCL will not be held responsible if any untoward incidents or accidents.