Staff Correspondent

Manipal: Actor Rahul Bose said on Friday that the recent attack on women at a pub in Mangalore was unconstitutional.

He was here to inaugurate the “Power off for an hour” campaign at Manipal University, organised by the students of Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC).

Mr. Bose told presspersons that the attack was anti-women. Gender inequality was at the root of the attack. “If I were a woman, I would have gone to pubs daily and consumed liquor just to protest. I have done nothing against the law or Constitution by going to the pub and having a drink. Imagine, if 1,00,000 women had descended on Mangalore and had gone to the pub to have a drink as a mark of protest. The effect would have been electrifying,” he said.

Mr. Bose lauded the students of MIC for launching the “Power off for an hour” campaign. This showed that important issues such as power wastage were bothering them.

“Articulation of issues is the first step. Saving electricity does not require any great effort. All the people have to do is to switch off the fans and lights before leaving their rooms,” he said.

To a question Mr. Bose said that students should be politically aware. There was no need for them to join politics. But they should be aware of their rights. There were several positive things they could do. “They should do such acts out of their own will,” Mr. Bose said.

Registrar of Manipal University G.K. Prabhu and student coordinator S. Ramanathan were present.