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Association submits memorandum to officials

The protestors claimed that water being supplied in V.V. Mohalla area is contaminated Officials have taken a sample of the water for testing

MYSORE: As part of their ongoing agitation against the erratic supply of drinking water in the city, the Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM) staged a dharna on the premises of Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) here on Saturday to pressure the authorities to restore regular supply of drinking water.

The activists shouted slogans against the apathy of the authorities towards ensuring proper drinking water supply in Mysore. When executive engineer of VVWW Ramakrishnappa tried to pacify the agitators, an altercation ensued between ACICM activists and officials of VVWW.

The protestors led by association convenor, M. Lakshmana, demanded that the VVWW call the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner K.N. Chandrashekar to provide a satisfactory reply to their demands. The protestors sought a written assurance from the corporation Commissioner that drinking water would be supplied at least on alternative days.

Complaining about the quality of water, a protestor displayed a sample of water in a bottle and claimed that the authorities were supplying contaminated water in the V.V. Mohalla area.

Officials of VVWW took the water sample and promised to send it to the laboratory to determine if it was contaminated. Executive engineer of VVWW said they could not accept the association's charge that drinking water being supplied was contaminated without testing a sample.

The protest lasted for nearly two hours. Mr. Lakshmana submitted a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister to the officials of VVWW, which recommended ways of improving drinking water supply in the city.

In the memorandum, the association has argued that drinking water supply had remained erratic since May 1, 2005, though the KRS reservoir, which is the main source for drinking water to city, had sufficient water.

"MCC is lying to the people of Mysore, citing common reasons such as distribution problem, electricity problem, transmission problem or age old pumps. Mysore is just 14 km away from two main rivers, the Cauvery and the Kapila. However, the people's representatives have not been able to solve the drinking water problem," he said. Mr. Lakshmana said it was unfortunate that the suggestions given by the association on resolving the drinking water problem in Mysore city had not been considered by the authorities.