Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Minister for Information B. Shivaram on Saturday said that providing security to important institutions was the responsibility of the State Government, and in this context it was the prerogative of the Government to provide security to the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), irrespective of whether the director of the institute sought it or not.

Briefing presspersons after a meeting of the State Cabinet, Mr. Shivaram said that IISc. Director P. Balaram might have felt that he did not want to convert the campus into a fortress, but the Government cannot shirk its responsibility.

The police had a responsibility to protect the dignitaries visiting the State, he said.

The Cabinet, he said, discussed the security lapse at the institute and the measures to be taken in future when international seminars were hosted. The Principal Secretary to Government (Home), the Director-General of Police and the Bangalore Police Commissioner briefed the Cabinet. Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh, who warned the officers for the laxity, if any, asked them to tighten security at places hosting seminars, the Minister said.

Mr. Shivaram said the Government decided to invigorate and strengthen the intelligence wing of the Police Department. Asked whether the "same dejected police officers, who are not wanted in executive work, would be posted to the intelligence wing," as is the practice, the Minister said that it would be changed.

He said that only those officers with commitment and who were willing to be in intelligence would be deputed to that wing.