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It assumes significance in view of increasing incidence of traffic snarls on the road

Forum seeks information under RTI Act

one-way rule relaxed after hypermarket came up

MYSORE: The city police are considering a proposal to restore one-way traffic on Narayana Shastry Road.

“Earlier, one-way traffic rule was introduced on Narayana Shastry Road on an experimental basis. The proposal to make the road one-way is now in the discussion stage,” said the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, Mysore, K.T. Balakrishna.

Mr. Balakrishna gave this information under Right To Information (RTI) Act sought by president of the Karnataka Consumers’ Forum S.P. Thirumala Rao.

The proposal to restore one-way traffic on Narayana Shastry Road assumes significance in view of the increasing incidence of traffic snarls on the road, particularly in front of the hypermarket, which was opened a couple of months ago.

Dr. Rao submitted an application under the RTI Act to the City Police Commissioner’s office on April 2 seeking reasons for lifting of one-way traffic restriction on the road, besides the reasons for introduction of the rule on several other roads, including D. Devaraj Urs Road, Dhanwantri Road and Vinobha Road.

In his reply, Mr. Balakrishna said one-way traffic was introduced on Devaraj Urs Road, Vinobha Road and all cross-roads on an experimental basis on August 3, 1997, by the then Deputy Commissioner of Police ( Crime and Traffic) after it was found that density of vehicles on these roads was high.

After it was found that the movement of traffic had improved under one-way restriction, the then Commissioner of Mysore City Police, Kempaiah, introduced one-way traffic on Devaraj Urs Road and Vinobha Road on December 18, 1998, through a gazette notification under the relevant provisions of Motor Vehicles Act.

Mr. Balakrishna said the one-way rule on Dhanwantri Road was introduced on April 3, 1995.

Earlier, Dr. Rao had contended that the city police had enforced one-way traffic rule on many important roads in the heart of the city, but the absence of consistency in enforcing these rules as well as the absence of transparency in these decisions had led to suspicion.

“This is particularly so in the case of Narayana Shastry Road, where restrictions have been introduced and lifted many times in the past five years,” Dr. Rao said. He pointed out that the one-way traffic restriction on Narayana Shastry Road was lifted eight months ago without any specific reason. “The rumbling in the public is that is due to extraneous factors, much against the traffic survey report,” he said. But even after receiving a reply from Mr. Balakrishna, the Karnataka Consumers’ Forum is not convinced about reasons for the decisions taken by the police to introduce and lift the one-way traffic restriction on Narayana Shastry Road.

“When the multi-storeyed building housing the hypermarket was under construction, the then Police Commissioner Pravin Sood introduced the one-way rule. But the one-way rule was relaxed as soon as the hypermarket was ready, giving room for suspicion,” Dr. Rao said.