Property cards to be made mandatory

It will be necessary to buy and sell properties within MCC jurisdiction

The Commissioner, Surevy Settlement and Land Records and head of Urban Property Ownership Records Project (UPORP), V. Ponnuraj said here on Monday that the government will make it mandatory to have property registration card to make property transactions within the jurisdiction of Mangalore City Corporation (MCC).

Addressing presspersons he said that the government has issued a notification making it mandatory to have such cards for property transactions in the jurisdictions of Shimoga and Mysore city corporations.

Mr. Ponnuraj said that the survey of all 1,40,085 properties in the jurisdiction of MCC had been completed. The necessary documents of 66,718 (about 55 per cent) properties have been collected now. Once 70 per cent of documents were collected the government would start issuing the property registration card. At the same time it would be made it mandatory to have the card for property transactions.

What is the card?

He said the card would be a seven-page mini booklet. It would be a “three in one document” of khata, sale deed and encumbrance certificate. The card would be issued to only litigation-free properties. No card would be issued to properties under dispute.

“A card is the mirror image of what is there on the ground (property),” he said, adding that it would have details regarding ownership, rights, a map and liabilities.

Each property would be given a ten digit unique identification numbers, he said.

Mr. Ponnuraj said that once a property was transacted (sold) a new card would be generated with details. To a question regarding issuing card to owners of flats in apartments he said that each flat owner would get separate card. In addition, the resident welfare associations of each apartment would be issued one card that is plot card having prominent details of the apartment as a whole including common area.


Mr. Ponnuraj said that data of the UPORP would be linked to the Mangalore City Corporation office and ‘khata’ being issued by the corporation gets updated automatically whenever the transaction took place.


Mr. Ponnuraj said that property owners would have to pay a fee which ranged from a minimum of Rs. 400 to a maximum of Rs. 2,000 per card. The fee differed for residential properties and commercial properties. The fee would be charged on the basis of categories of properties, he said. He said that he was appealing to those property owners who have not submitted their documents to submit them to the project office in Mangalore (in taluk panchayat office premises) soon.

The government would start conducting “kandaya adalats” in all districts soon to correct all mistakes in RTCs (records of tenants and crops), according to V. Ponnuraj,

Commissioner, Surevy Settlement and Land Records. Addressing presspersons here on Monday he said that the Deputy Commissioners would decide the venue, dates and duration of the adalats. The adalats would be conducted as a drive, he said.

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