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It is being held for educators from special and regular schools

MYSORE: Educators from regular and special schools for children with hearing impairment are participating in a Rehabilitation Council of India-sponsored programme here to update their knowledge.

The programme on “Facilitating inclusive education for children with hearing impairment” organised by the Department of Special Education, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH), Mysore, which began on June 30, will conclude on Friday.

In the education of children with hearing impairment, there is emphasis to include them in regular schools and facilitate them to grow and develop with normal children. This will facilitate their overall development, besides providing better scope for academic achievement, according to a press release from AIISH.

The programme had been designed with the objective to create the right ambience for educators from regular as well as special schools to update their skills for ensuring their contribution to inclusive education, the release said. “Inclusive education is considered to be cost effective. Inclusion of children with hearing impairment could become success only with the joint endeavour of educators,” the release said.

During the inauguration of the programme, Vijayalakshmi Basavaraj, Director of AIISH, traced the history of inclusive education and highlighted its need.

Teachers and administrators from regular and special schools for children with hearing impairment would benefit from the programme, she said. Informative and practically-oriented sessions were held on methods of preparing hearing-impaired children for inclusive education; procedure to be followed to make decisions about their placement; and various support services and welfare measures that could be made use of in promoting inclusive education.