Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: The Mysore Central Prison is once again in news for the wrong reasons. An undertrial, Shivaram, a habitual offender, was injured in a clash on Sunday. He has been treated and brought back to the prison.

Jail Superintendent Veerabhadraswamy said Shivaram and Alvin D’Souza, both hailing from Mysore, clashed when they were let out of their cells on Sunday, in the presence of fellow prisoners.

The clash led to some tension, but the jail officials were able to rush in and control the situation.

According to sources, Alvin hit Shivaram on his head with a wooden log. “Fellow prisoners intervened immediately to prevent the situation from getting out of control,” they added.

There are allegations that the two inmates fought over the issue of sharing marijuana. But the jail authorities have denied it and maintained that they quarrelled for some other reason. “The fight was not because of sharing ganja.

The jail is calm and there were no incidents following the one on Sunday,” Mr. Veerabhadraswamy said.

The prison has become a venue for frequent clashes in the last three months although the jail authorities describe them as “minor incidents”.

The sources said there are about 20 prisoners who are habitual offenders, causing disturbances in the jail.