Bhavani Manjunath’s daily job has all these years involved, literally, running after politicians. The 55-year-old press photographer has now decided that he will no longer chase any politician but take a shot at politics himself in a bid to foreground the “real issues” of the people. He is contesting the Chitradurga City Municipal Council (CMC) elections from ward no. 5.

Mr. Manjunath, who works for a Kannada daily, said that he choose to contest because he was “fed up with running behind elected representatives” appealing them to ensure regular supply of drinking water, repair roads and provide other facilities to people who have voted for them. Explaining the reason behind his decision to contest independently, he told The Hindu on Monday that if he were to join any party, he would not be able to work with a free mind. “In order to stick to power, political parties always put pressure on local leaders to follow their instructions even if they are not in the best interests of the common man.”

Working as a press photographer for the last three decades, I have seen many councillors and the MLAs who always make false promises to people and forget them after winning elections. Though people remind them of their promises, they refuse to fulfil their promises, citing one reason or the other, he said.