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Only Congress can offer a stable government: Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah predicts BJP could win maximum

of 60 seats

‘Janata Dal (S) could get 10 to 15 seats; BSP may not open account in Mysore region’

MYSORE: Expressing confidence that Congress would come to power with a thumping majority in the coming Assembly elections, former Deputy Chief Minister and Chairman Publicity Committee, Siddaramaiah, termed the prediction by the Janata Dal (Secular), the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Samajwadi Party (SP) that a hung Assembly would be the end result of the elections as political strategy.

Participating in an interaction programme organised by Mysore District Journalists’ Association (MDJA) here on Monday, he said that the situation was “completely” in favour of the Congress, as electorates were fed up with the political acrobatics of the last four years because of the coalition inevitability. “They will prefer the Congress, as they have now understood that it is the only party which could offer a stable government,” he said.

He said that the Janata Dal (S), SP and BSP were predicting a “hung Assembly” to “force” the people to repose faith in them. But people have understood the fact that development was not possible by coalition government and they would bless the Congress, he added. “In my extensive tour across the State, I could feel the pulse of the people, who are longing for a stable and progressive government,” he said.

Similarly, discounting the claims by the BJP and the Janata Dal (S) that rebels would frustrate chances of the Congress, he said that it was natural for the Congress to face discontent among those denied ticket. The situation was completely under control with the efforts of the high command, he said.

However, disciplinary action would be initiated against those who remain in the fray despite strict direction from the high command, he cautioned.

‘Strong worker base’

He said the Congress had a strong worker base in all the constituencies and the capacity to field candidates. “We have received over 3,000 applications for 224 constituencies. We could not satisfy every one. Hence, there was some heart burn here and there. However, dissidence has completely subsided,” he said.

He said the BJP could get 79 seats, because of the support extended by former Chief Minister S. Bangarappa. “Now, Mr. Yeddyurappa cannot dream of becoming Chief Minister, as Mr. Bangarappa is not with the BJP. Mr. Yeddyurappa is sure to get disillusioned after the election,” he predicted.

Mr. Siddaramaiah said that the BJP could win a maximum of 60 seats, while the Janata Dal (S) could get 10 to 15 seats. “It will be difficult for the BSP to open its account, at least in Mysore region,” he predicted.