Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: Pratham Mysore, a voluntary organisation, will offer “True Education”, a short-duration course, to ignite creative thinking among students who have passed PU examination.

Beginning from July 21, the course comprises 20 sessions, covering a host of topics such as “What can we learn from world’s different leaders?”, “Science, superstition and modern gurus”, “Capitalism, socialism and communism” and “World’s religions”.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, the organisation said the objective of the course was to ignite creative thinking among students and enable them to ask questions. “These important aspects are unfortunately missing in schools and colleges because of the examination-oriented education system,” the statement added.

The strength of the class under the “True Education” course would be restricted to 20 and no fee will be collected. A registration fee of Rs. 50 would be collected, the statement said. For details, call 9901618710 or 08212412612.