Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Though the Government has said there will be a 20 per cent power cut this month, problems at Unit 2 (210 MW) of the Raichur Thermal Power Station and a Central generating station on Thursday forced it to exceed the limit set.

According to sources in the Energy Department, the problems at the RTPS and some of the units in a central generating station further complicated the State’s power crisis.

Therefore, the duration of loadshedding was increased. Though the Government said it would restrict the State’s power consumption to 100 million units (mu) a day, it was restricted to 95.81 mu on Thursday.

Announcement today

The electricity supply companies (escoms) are set to announce a loadshedding rota for various consumer categories on Friday.

The escoms held meetings with industries on the methods of enforcing loadshedding for high tension and commercial consumers and amusement parks, etc.

Escoms might even ask industries and commercial establishments to close down operations by 7.30 p.m. to conserve power.