Staff Correspondent

Consumption of diesel has gone up by 9,042 litres

Authorities are forced to cancel

13 trips a day

BELLARY: The poor condition of roads between Bellary and Hospet, and Sandur and Hospet, has resulted in loss of revenue for the Bellary division of the North-Eastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC).

The main reason for the deterioration of the roads is the 10,000-odd lorries that ply on them every day.

Divisional Manager of NEKRTC R.C. Mallikarjuniah said the bad roads had resulted in higher operational costs, heavy wear and tear on tyres and parts, poor mileage, consumption of more fuel and cancellation of schedules.

He told The Hindu that 116 buses were being operated daily between Hospet and Bellary from five depots. They covered 9,740 km a day and over 2.92 lakh km a month. The consumption of diesel had gone up by 9,042 litres as against the normal consumption of 53,127 litres, leading to an increase in operational costs.

“The average mileage has come down to 4.70 km per litre as against the normal 5.5 km per litre. The division has been incurring additional expenditure totalling Rs. 4.33 lakh a month on tyres and spare parts,” he said.

The organisation has been forced to cancel 13 trips a day as the time taken to cover the distance has crossed three-and-a-half hours, thus entailing a loss in average revenue of Rs. 1,500 a trip. The loss estimated owing to cancellation of trips is Rs. 19,500 a day, he said. “For 2007-08, the division has earned an overall profit of Rs. 2.74 crore, but it could have been Rs. 1 crore more had the roads been in motorable condition,” he said.