Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader V.J.K Nair said here on Wednesday that the objective of observing May Day was to create a social system where everyone had to work with respect to his capacity and utilise benefits as per his requirements.

After inaugurating the May Day programme organised by the Centre for Indian Trade Unions (CITU), Mr. Nair lamented that certain politicians and corporate people had reduced socialism to Mulayam Singh’s bicycle, Lalu Prasad’s lantern, and dynastic politics of the Janata Dal (Secular).

“In true sense, socialism means equal distribution of wealth and common ownership,” he said.

The former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi launched programmes with the slogan ‘Garibi hatao’ to eradicate poverty in the country. However, even 40 years after the programmes were launched, the country was filled with poor people. “The Congress should take credit for bringing in globalisation to the country. Because of globalisation poor people had to struggle hard to get their basic necessities fulfilled. Large working class has been denied minimum wages and employment guarantee,” he said.

CITU district president V. Sukumar and district secretary Dharmesh were present.