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The voter turnout was 60 per cent

Police resort to lathi-charge in Haravi

Poll official removed for showing ‘favouritism'

Raichur: Barring stray incidents of violence, such as group clash and stone pelting between rival groups in some gram panchayats in Manvi and Lingsugur taluks, polling was relatively peaceful throughout Raichur district on Saturday. By 4 p.m., the district registered a voter turnout of 60 per cent.

In a clash between two groups, where a voter at Haravi Gram Panchayat in Manvi taluk was threatened, the police resorted to a mild lathi-charge to disperse the mob.

According to reports, Shankargouda Harvi and his son reached a polling booth at Harvi village following reports of bogus voting.

A group of people, who rushed into the booth, had an altercation with Mr. Harvi when he challenged them to disprove his identity. This led to the clash. The police resorted to lathi-charge when the situation went out of control.

There were also reports that two rival groups clashed over alleged manipulation by a BJP-backed candidate in Jakkaladinni village.

Minor skirmishes were also reported between groups from Kallur and Kuradi villages in Manvi taluk. Polling was delayed by three hours in three booths at Kallur and Neermanvi villages in the taluk, following difference in number of ballot papers. Polling resumed in these stations after the faults were corrected. A poll official was withdrawn from duty at Palakaladinni village of Raichur taluk when he was found favouring a particular candidate.

Polling was dull in many booths in Raichur, Manvi and Lingsugur taluks.

However, it picked up in the afternoon. According to V. Anbu Kumar, Deputy Commissioner, polling was largely peaceful and there were no reports of any untoward incidents.