Honnali records highest turnout at 81.84 per cent

Elections to the six urban local bodies in the district went off peacefully on Thursday, barring a few complaints of voters’ names missing from the electoral rolls. While Harihar recorded 69.94 per cent polling; Harapanahalli recorded 75.24 per cent; Honnali, 81.84 per cent; Chennagiri, 78.18 per cent; and Jagalur, 78.93 per cent.

Voting in Honnali was brisk from the morning and a large number of people were seen standing in long queues before the polling booths. While the situation in Chennagiri and other places was similar, polling was sluggish in Harihar till noon.

In the old Davangere area, there were a few complaints of voters’ names missing from the list.


S.S. Pattanashetty, Deputy Commissioner, told The Hindu that following complaints of names missing, he had instructed the people concerned to get their names included in the list at the earliest so that they could cast their votes in the Assembly elections.

Superintendent of Police Labhu Ram has thanked the people for cooperating with the district administration in conducting the urban local body elections peacefully in the district.

  • Honnali records the highest of 81.84 per cent

  • A few voters complain of their names missing from the list