Bangalore Police Commissioner Shankar M. Bidari has refuted allegations made by UAE-based Alsaa Petroleum and Shipping Company that the city police was favouring a Bangalore-based company, which is accused of cheating the former.

“We know the seriousness of the case and it is being investigated methodically. There is no question of our officers yielding to anybody's pressure,” Mr. Bidari told presspersons here on Sunday.

Mr. Bidari was reacting to a statement made by Dinesh Menon of Alsaa Petroleum and Shipping Company on Saturday accusing the city police of going soft on a complaint alleging that the Bangalore-based Twenty First Century Wire Rods Ltd. had duped the company of U.S. $ 9 million.

The Alsaa Petroleum and Shipping Company filed a compliant with the Sadashivanagar police in June accusing Twenty First Century Wire Rods Ltd. of exporting inferior quality iron ore to the Karachi-based Pakistan Steel Mills Ltd. On the request of Mr. Menon, the case was transferred to the Central Crime Branch.

The CCB, Mr. Bidari said, is looking closely into Mr. Menon's allegation of tampering with of records showing the quality of the iron ore exported. It was also looking at whether a company can be accused of cheating when it has paid penalty for exporting lesser grade iron ore than the one that was agreed upon.

On the other hand, Mr. Bidari accused Mr. Menon of misusing the name of a Union Minister and the media to force the police in filing a charge-sheet in the case. “He approached the investigation officer with a request to arrest the accused (Vinod Goel) which would have helped him settle the issue out of court. The officer did not agree,” Mr. Bidari said.

“We will not be overawed by such pressure tactics. We will carry out the investigation in a fair and impartial manner. Our investigation officer has not succumbed to pressure from Mr. Menon,” he added. Mr. Bidari said the city police will not object if the case was sought to be transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation or any other agency.