The K.G. Halli police have arrested Toufiq, the history sheeter, and his associate Baksh, who were on the run after allegedly hacking a 22-year-old youth to death in broad daylight on March 19.

According to police, Toufiq allegedly hatched a plot to eliminate his old rival Mohammed Ameen, who was on his way to court to attend a hearing. Ameen and his brother Mohammed Yaseen were waiting at the Govindrapura Cross bus-stop when they were attacked by Toufiq and his gang.

While Ameen managed to escape the attack, Yaseen was caught by the assailants, who hacked him to death in front of horrified passersby. The gang then fled the spot and attacked Boondi Irfan, a friend of Ameen’s, with a chopper.

K.G. Halli police nabbed one of Toufiq’s associates and based on his interrogation, they arrested Toufiq and his aide Baksh by tracking their mobile phones.

Ameen and Toufiq belonged to different gangs and faced several criminal charges, the police said.