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Houses to be allotted to those who have registered before May 31

Minister says

  • The Government has been receiving complaints that only a small percentage of the applicants qualified for the scheme under the point system
  • If the Government sticks to it, the target for distributing 3 lakh houses during 2006-07 cannot be achieved

    MYSORE: The point system, which has been in use for identifying beneficiaries of "ashraya" houses, will be withdrawn with immediate effect. The Government will start allotting the low-cost houses to those who have registered before May 31, Minister for Housing D.T. Jayakumar has said.

    He was speaking at a press conference here on Tuesday. The Government was receiving many complaints from local bodies and legislators that the number of beneficiaries cleared for sanction of "ashraya" houses was inadequate.

    They contended that only a small percentage of the applicants qualified for the low-cost houses under the point system, he said.

    "Hence the Government has decided to withdraw the point system and revert to the earlier system. Now, all the families, which have submitted applications for "ashraya" houses before the cut-off date of May 31, 2006, will be entitled for allotment of houses," Mr. Jayakumar said.

    If the Government stuck to the point system, the target for distributing 3 lakh houses during 2006-07 could not be achieved, he said.

    The number of beneficiaries selected for allotment of "ashraya" houses had come down drastically ever since the Government adopted the point system.

    Under the system, there was a maximum of 54 points and minimum of 14 points. Factors such as the applicant's literacy level; number of meals and pairs of clothes the family had; and whether they owned a television set; are taken into consideration.

    "If we continue with the point system, the number of applicants qualifying for the "ashraya" scheme will remain low. We will not be able to meet the target of allotting 3 lakh houses during the year."

    Mr. Jayakumar sought to clarify that the point system would remain in force for housing schemes sponsored by the Centre such as Indira Awas and Ambedkar Awas.

    Although it was considered to be a scientific system for identifying beneficiaries, the Government could not afford to stick to it and miss the target, he said.

    Mr. Jayakumar said the Government would announce a comprehensive housing scheme on Independence Day.

    "It will be a revolutionary housing scheme. The modalities of the scheme are still being worked out. The details will be announced only on August 15," he said.

    Mr Jayakumar lashed out at his political rivals, particularly Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the former Minister H. Vishwanath.

    Mr. Jayakumar said that Mr. Siddaramaiah should seek "political sanyas" instead of criticising the former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda and his family.

    "He has no moral right to brand Janata Dal (Secular) as the party of a father and son when he has joined a dynastic party like the Congress, where the baton of leadership is passed on only to the heirs of the Nehru-Gandhi family", he said.

    Mr. Jayakumar criticised Mr. Vishwanath for demanding that the Chief Minister should undergo a narco-analysis test. "It is Congress leaders such as Vishwanath and the former Chief Minister Dharam Singh, who should undergo a narco-analysis test. All their statements are lies," he said.