With pneumonia becoming a major cause of death of children below the age of five, the Indian Academy of Paediatrics will be flagging off the ‘Say No to Pneumonia’ campaign in Mysore to mark World Pneumonia Day November 12.

According to Narayannappa D., Professor and Head of the Department, JSS Medical College, Mysore, children in the age group of 24-59 months are extremely vulnerable to pneumonia due to their low immunity.

Symptoms like a high fever, cold, cough, congestion of the chest and breathing difficulty lasting for more than two days in young children must be reported to a local paediatrician immediately. The disease can be prevented by providing a nutritional diet and undertaking preventive measures like vaccination, he added.

1.4 million deaths

Rohit C. Agarwal, National IAP president, said that pneumonia kills an estimated 1.4 million children under the age of five globally every year, which is more than deaths due to AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, and India accounts for nearly 25 per cent of these deaths. “A clean environment, addressing malnutrition, breast feeding for the first six months, timely immunisation and appropriate healthcare for Indian children will significantly reduce mortality rates due to preventable diseases like pneumonia”, he said.

IAP is organising in-clinic activities and seminars for health workers to raise public awareness on the disease.

  • ‘Say No to Pneumonia’ campaign to be launched in Mysore on Monday

  • The Indian Academy of Paediatrics to organise seminars to raise public awareness on it