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It will be installed on the premises of the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mangaladevi Ward

It is estimated at Rs. 6 lakh A Pune-based company will install the plant Biogas will be supplied through a pipe to the ashram

MANGALORE: In an effort to produce wealth from waste, the Rotary Club of Mangalore is setting up a plant in the city as part of a pilot project to produce biogas from biomass and garbage produced in the city.

The plant is being set up on the premises of the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mangaladevi Ward and is estimated at Rs. 6 lakh.

Civil works are under progress for the project and the plant, which is being installed by Mail Hem, a Pune-based company, will be ready in two months, Prakash Kalbavi, vice-president, Rotary Club of Mangalore, told The Hindu .

Mr. Kalbavi said initially a non-governmental organisation (NGO) would supply the biomass to the plant by segregating the garbage produced in Mangaladevi Ward. He said that the club had decided to donate the plant to the ashram as it was looking after 75 orphaned children.

Mr. Kalbavisaid biogas would be supplied from the plant through a pipe directly to the kitchen of the ashram.

After studying the quality and viability of the project, the club would convince companies to come forward to set up similar plants in the city .