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Being held at the GPO, it will be on till October 13

  • Stamps featured are from the collection of philatelists
  • Department of Posts is holding a quiz for students

    Bangalore: Stamps by the hundreds, all on Mahatma Gandhi, are being exhibited at the General Post Office here till October 13.

    The earliest of the stamps dates back to 1947 and the original cost was one-and-half annas.

    The most expensive Gandhi postal stamp now in use is of Rs. 5 denomination.

    There are stamps of Gandhiji's wife Kasturba and of the Mahatma and Jawaharlal Nehru together.


    There are also photographs connected with the stamps like that of the former United States President John F. Kennedy looking at an album of stamps featuring the Mahatma.

    There are stamps on human rights and related universal charters and agreements, prominently featuring Mahatma Gandhi, whose fight for equal justice for all mankind began in South Africa. There are stamps of Mahatma Gandhi as a young barrister, and as the man with the spinning wheel which he made into a symbol of nationalistic resistance against colonialism.

    Stamps from other countries featuring Gandhiji, most of them dating from 1969, are also being exhibited.


    The Gandhi stamps collection has been divided into three parts.

    One relates to India's freedom struggle, the second to "Mahatma Gandhi-Hari to Harijan" and the third section "Archetypical Man."

    Each section shows Gandhiji and other nationalist leaders as the course of India's march towards independence evolved.

    Another section is devoted to Gandhiji and Indian Posts. Like the first inland envelope featuring him and the postcards and postal covers.

    The stamps featured in the Gandhi retrospective are mostly from the collections of Athani Mahalingeswar, Jayaparakash Sarda and A. Manish, philatelists.

    On October 13, the department will hold a quiz competition and a seminar for students and teachers to conclude the World Post Day celebrations.