The process of coal synchronisation of the second 500-MW unit at the Bellary Thermal Power Station (BTPS), near Kuditini, 25 km from here, will commence shortly.

“After successful oil synchronisation in January, the next step will be taken now. The process of coal-filling has begun, and power generation is expected to begin from Sunday.

It will be gradually increased to touch the capacity of 500 MW by March 25,” B. Rathnamma, executive director, BTPS, told The Hindu.

Ms. Rathnamma said that the process would help test the unit's performance and the carrying capacity of the existing high-tension power lines.


“The healthiness of the unit and the power evacuating infrastructure are put to test and any faults noticed during the process of synchronisation will be set right before commencing regular power generation,” she said. According to her, after conducting the tests, the unit would be shut down to complete other pending tasks. “By July, the unit is likely to start generating power on a regular basis,” she said.

Coal linkage

According to sources, the second unit was yet to get coal linkage, giving room for doubts over power generation.