Members from the Janashakthi Hitarakshana Vedike (JHV) have announced that they would physically monitor the development work being undertaken at various wards of the Karwar City Municipal Council in the wake of complaints of corruption and inferior quality of work.

Announcing this at a press conference here on Thursday Satish Kolambkar, president of the JHV, said the quality of work carried out by the CMC had not improved despite a number of complaints by the JHV and other social organisations.

He said the campaign had been named “for the people, by the people”. He alleged that some contractors get work in the CMC by using their influence with officials. Lack of transparency in awarding contracts reflected on the quality of work. There were no qualified people in the Karwar CMC to supervise the work. The guards working in the CMC and a gardener were working as the work inspectors in Karwar allowing the contractors to have a field day. He said the new initiative would not eliminate corruption completely, but would definitely improve the quality.

He alleged that a work in ward number 6 had not commenced despite the tender being awarded on November 11. The officials should explain the reason behind the delay, he demanded

Mahesh Devali, former president of the Kadwad Gram Panchayat, and Azeez Sayyad, secretary of the JHV, were present.