Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: Small groups of people milled around the stalls, moving from one to another, taking a look at the products offered at The Hindu MetroPlus Lifestyle Show here on Saturday. The show which began on Friday is on till May 31.

The exhibition-cum-sale offers shoppers a wide range of products to choose from, including interiors and antiques, portable furniture, culinary items, home appliances, cooking gadgets, jewellery and textiles.

A resident of Gandhinagar here, who has just moved into a new house, was evincing interest in kitchenware. Priya Pai, who was shopping along with her two daughters, said, “I'm picking up things to match with the decorations in my new house, I haven't seen utensils such as these elsewhere.”

The stall-owner, from The Style Saintz, New Delhi, explained that the kitchenware was made from an alloy of aluminium and nickel, and its surface was decorated with a food grade enamel design. Two friends, Meghana and Varsha, liked the jewellery from Kolkataat the exhibition. Shramya and her mother bought jewellery that was from Nainital. Her mother said, “We don't see this kind of jewellery here (this region),” Two students, Shaleena and Ameela, studying fashion designing at a college here, were planning a trip to Kerala. On their way out, they were holding some brochures of some exhibitors.