Increase tax collection for the purpose: ZP official

Mukkanna Karigar, Deputy Secretary, Raichur Zilla Panchayat, instructed the panchayat development officers (PDOs) to increase tax collection in their gram panchayats and clear the pending salaries with that.

Mr. Karigar was speaking at a meeting of PDOs here on Monday.

“If the tax collection is properly done, then there will be no problem for paying salaries to gram panchayat staff. Increasing and strengthening the sources of income is the only solution,” he said.


He directed the PDOs to clear all pending salaries immediately to avoid further chaos. “Gram panchayat workers have staged protest demonstrations on several occasions in the last six months, demanding their legitimate salaries. Yet, the gram panchayats have failed to address the issue, leading to another round of protests on December 12,” he said.

He urged the PDOs to work with commitment at grassroots level and ensure that various development and welfare programmes reached the targeted people.

“Government has introduced several good programmes. However, they are not reaching the targeted beneficiaries. The responsibility of implementing the programmes at grassroots level rests with PDOs. There is no dearth of funds. What is lacking is hard work, honesty and commitment among the officials concerned,” he said and directed the PDOs to utilise all the funds released so far under the Five Year Plan.

Zilla panchayat chief planning officer Roni and other officers were present.

  • ‘Many welfare schemes are not reaching

    the targeted people’

  • ‘Utilise the funds released so far under

    the Five Year Plan’