Agencies dealing with the issue will attend the workshop on Sunday

The Goa State Women’s Commission will organise a workshop and sessions in the city on Sunday for agencies dealing with crimes against women.

Addressing presspersons here on Friday, Ezilda Sapeco, Chairperson of the Goa State Women’s Commission, said that crimes against women were on the rise in the State. The commission was dealing with cases reported to it promptly despite lack of infrastructure.

Particularly, domestic violence against women was growing in the State, said Ms. Sapeco. However, compared to other parts of the country, women continue to have better environment in Goa due to factors such as higher education levels, awareness, and work of women’s organisations.

She said that during her three-year tenure, nearly 600 cases had been handled by the commission. She spoke of the teamwork of her members in addressing the crimes against women. She said the purpose of the workshop was to get all the agencies involved in strengthening and streamlining the present system to tackle the growing crimes against women. “We find that women in distress and facing crime do not get proper justice. There are several factors. All the loopholes have to be plugged,” she said pointing at the police administration.

She said that police, judiciary, prosecution, media and non-governmental organisations would be invited to the workshop to deliberate and come out with a plan of action to be submitted to the government.

Judge Anuja Prabhuidesai would deliver the keynote address. Director General of Police Kishan Kumar would make a presentation at the workshop. Journalist Audumbar Shinde and Silvan Sapeco, head of the Department of Forensic, Goa Medical College Hospital, would speak, she said.

She said that following show-cause notice to the Education Department, schools had started exercise to form sexual abuse complaint committees as per Vishaka judgment of the Supreme Court.

She said counselling for women in distress had been made effective by the State Women’s Commission. Every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m., the counsellor of the commission would be at its office in Junta House in the city.

Ms. Sapeco said that there was no dearth of laws in Goa to deal with crimes against women. What was needed was coordinated efforts by the agencies concerned to ensure justice to women.

  • ‘Crimes against women are on the rise in Goa’

  • ‘600 cases have been handled by the commission in three years’