The recent decision of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party to increase Self-Assessment Property tax within Mangalore City Corporation limits by 15 per cent was “condemnable”, Shashidhar Hegde, Congress councillor, said here on Saturday.

Mr. Hegde told presspersons that the Congress was opposed to the increase as it was “an injustice to the people”. He said the party had taken the decision without consulting the council in the Mayor's chamber. Asked about the statement of the Corporation Commissioner that the move was legal as long as the increase was within 15 per cent, Congress councillor Lancelot Pinto retorted: “Why did they raise the issue in the council then? What was the need for it?”

He said that the matter was included in the agenda of the council and when the Opposition objected to the increase in self-assessment of property tax, the matter was postponed for discussion to a later date.