Calling the zilla panchayat administration in Shimoga discriminative, members of the Congress and the Janata Dal (S) have threatened to tender mass resignation if the ruling party continued with “this kind of attitude”.

Addressing presspersons here on Wednesday, Leader of the Opposition Kalgodu Rathnakar of the Congress said the previous meeting had approved a Rs. 9-crore drinking water project. But, the ruling party kept the project aside and distributed Rs. 5 crore as grants to 15 zilla panchayat members, which was unfair.

Mr. Rathnakar said that the Opposition had planned to raise the issue at Wednesday's meeting. When the issue was raised, zilla panchayat president H.C. Basavarajappa held a discussion on it. He had promised to look into the discrimination in the allocation of grants within a week. If the assurance was not fulfilled, the Opposition members would tender their resignations, Mr. Rathnakar said.

He said the zilla panchayat had to release Rs. 2.73 crore to each taluk under the Chief Minister's Gram Sadak Yojana. But only Rs. 1.23 crore had been released.

He said that after all these developments, Shikaripur taluk and Sorab taluk had been given additional grants. But no grants had been released for two years for the other taluks, he alleged.

Zilla panchayat members Bheemaneri Shivappa, Tejappa, Prem Kumar, Sharada Puryanaik, Shadakshari and Yogish were present.