Staff Correspondent

Madikeri: Kodagu Deputy Commissioner K.R. Niranjan on Wednesday asked private bus owners in Kodagu to run buses in remote rural areas of the district.

Mr. Niranjan, who is also chairman of the Regional Transport Authority (RTA), was presiding over the RTA meeting in his office. He told bus owners that people living in remote hilly areas, particularly students, were finding it difficult to get transport. Replying to queries from some bus owners on issuing new permits, including temporary ones, Mr. Niranjan said a decision would be taken after conducting a survey on the requirement.Representatives of the bus owners’ association in Kodagu told Mr. Niranjan that they plied their vehicles to all rural parts of the district even though they were loss-making routes and the roads were in poor condition.

There were more than adequate buses running in the district. In view of this, new permits should not be issued, they pleaded.


The also appealed to the Deputy Commissioner to revise the departure timings of buses. There is a difference of just five minutes between the departure of one bus and another in some instances. If the present situation continued, the bus owners would find it unviable to operate such services. A bus owner said that temporary permits should be cancelled and they should not be converted into full-fledged permits.

Another bus owner complained that KSRTC buses did not stick to schedule. This unhealthy competition between the KSRTC and private buses ended up the latter running at a loss, they said. Mr. Niranjan asked the KSRTC Depot Manager and the private bus owners association to discuss the problems and come up with a solution in the next RTA meeting.Superintendent of Police Thrilok Chandra and RTO Satyanarayanaprasad were present.