Special Correspondent

MANGALORE: Following complaints from people in Gandhi Nagar, Mannagudda and Pratap Nagar against cutting of trees on Lady Hill-Durga Mahal Road, the Forest Department has clarified that only eight trees will be cut of the 14 there.

Assistant Conservator of Forests and Tree Officer of the Forest Department A. Abbas and forest officials visited the spot on Wednesday.

They said only eight trees would be cut.

Tree felling had been necessitated because of the decision of Mangalore City Corporation to convert the stretch into a four-lane concrete road.

The road would be extended from Durga Mahal to New Chitra Circle.

Members of a senior citizens panel, who measured the distance between the trees and the road, cleared eight trees for felling.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Abbas said he had told the panel members that once the roadwork was completed he would take up a tree planting drive in the area.