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He was found hiding on the roof of a two-storeyed house

TUMKUR: Residents of Turuvekere in Tumkur district caught one of the boys who recently escaped from an observation home in Bangalore, here on Thursday. He has been handed over to the police.

The boy suffered a fracture in his ankle while he was trying to escape.

He was found hiding on the roof of a two-storeyed house belonging to Eshwarappa.

As people gathered, he jumped first to the first floor and then to the ground, fracturing his ankle.

He was taken to a hospital by the police. In the afternoon, they took him to Bangalore for presenting him before the Juvenile Justice Board.

The boy told presspersons that he would not have taken to crime if he could learn English.

He said he had lost his parents and could not go to any English medium school.

"If I knew English I would have had a good job and would have been satisfied in life," he said.

He did not express any regret about his escape from the home.

Looted shop

He, along with eight other boys who escaped from the observation home, looted a TV repair shop in Turuvekere on Wednesday.

The police arrested five of them. But he, along with three others, managed to escape.

"I have to find some money to live," he said.

He confessed to having planned the escape of all the 46 boys.