It was fun trying to find out how the commute by car fares against the metro ride. I set off by car from just outside the Byappanahalli Station at 11.19 a.m. on Saturday, just as the traffic was building up. In just under 12 minutes I was near Adarsh theatre, and in another two minutes I was in front of the Halasuru Metro Station.

Short-lived joy

But my delight at being able to zip through was short-lived. The short stretch from the Halasuru Station to Trinity Circle took me more than four minutes. Revving through thick traffic I took a full five minutes to crawl from Trinity Circle to Trinity Station, which is hardly 150 metres down the road.

By now, the car ride of a little less than five km from Byappanahalli had already taken 22 minutes and 50 seconds. It took me another nine and a half minutes to cover the short stretch between Trinity Station and M.G. Road Station. The 5.8-km journey from Byappanahalli to M.G. Road Station had taken me 32 minutes and 20 seconds.

I was beaten hands down by the metro, which usually completes its slightly longer journey in less than half the time that I took by road. In terms of cost, the difference was only marginal.

While the metro ride would have cost me Rs. 15, the ride by my diesel car cost me Rs. 15.32, assuming the normal mileage of about 17.5 km per litre (Rs. 46.21 per litre) that it gives.

Overall rating: