Prominent personalities, including scientists, advocates, officials and politicians, attended a special programme at Kollegal recently. The common factor being that they were all students of educational institutions in the town and wanted to express their gratitude to teachers who made them what they are today.


The ‘Guru Vandana' ceremony was organised by N.L. Narendra Babu, an old student from Kollegal and now MLA for Mahalakshmi Layout constituency in Bangalore, with the help of Satyanarayana Singh, High Court advocate and another student from the town, a release said here.

They collected information about former teachers and lecturers of institutions in Kollegal and invited them to the programme.


About 17 retired teachers aged between 75 and 95 were felicitated.

Many of the teachers spoke of their cordial relationship with students in the past, and expressed regret that the relationship had now commercial, with little emotion or sentiment.

They were delighted that their old students had remembered them and brought them together.