Two-day science exhibition begins in Dharwad

Major research works are not being carried out in basic science in the country as students are running behind medical and engineering courses, the former Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University M.I. Savadatti has said.

He was here on Saturday to inaugurate a two-day science exhibition at Karnatak Science College.

Prof. Savadatti said youngsters obsession with technology was hampering the growth of basic sciences. “No technological advancement can be achieved without the help of physics, chemistry and bio-science,” he said.

Prof. Savadatti pointed out that the researches being taken up worldwide were in physics, chemistry and mathematics. However, youngsters here were interested only in information science and related technologies, he said.

Prof. Savadatti said a doctor could not finish his duties without physics, chemistry and biology and all researches in the medical field were being carried out by students of bio-sciences. Pointing out that marks were not the criteria for intelligence, he said that they were just “gatepass” to higher studies and research.

Vice-president of Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat C. Doddabasappa said today’s youths were not useless, but were used less.

“In what is being seen as a bad trend, the seniors are seizing the opportunities meant for the youth. The youth have lost various opportunities to do some good for the society,” he said. Environmentalist Suresh Heblikar said teachers should encourage scientific temperament among students.

S.A. Patil, Registrar (Administration) of Karnatak University; S.V. Sankanoor, convener, KRVP, were present.

Over 48 exhibits on eight topics are on display at the event.

  • ‘Marks are not the criterion for intelligence’

  • ‘Today’s youth are not useless, but are used less’