Despite the Union and State governments spending crores of rupees on improving infrastructure in government schools in the backward Hyderabad Karnataka region, a majority of the schools are without basic facilities including drinking water and toilets.

Official sources told The Hindu here on Saturday that in the six districts of the region, including Gulbarga, Bellary, Bidar, Raichur, Koppal and Yadgir, 43 per cent of the high schools were without toilets, while 46 per cent of them were without exclusive toilets for girls.

As many as 55 per cent did not have drinking water facility, and only 21.28 per cent of the schools had a ramp for the benefit of physically challenged students.

The construction of ramps had been made mandatory for all government and private schools.

The situation was as bad in the lower primary schools in the region. As many as 56 per cent of them did not have an exclusive toilet for girls, while 69 per cent lacked a toilet only for boys. There was no drinking water in 36 per cent of the schools. Only 89 per cent of these lower primary schools had the ramps for physically challenged students, sources said.

Better facilities were available for students at the government higher primary schools, where 17 per cent of the schools were without any toilet facility for students. As many as 68 per cent of the schools had a separate girls' toilet and 48 per cent had a separate one for boys.

Even in the construction of the ramps, the higher primary schools were far ahead — only 11 per cent did not have the facility. As for drinking water, 85 per cent of the schools provided students with drinking water.

Gulbarga lags behind

Gulbarga district lagged far behind when compared to the five other districts in the region in this regard. As many as 57 per cent of the high schools in Gulbarga district did not have a separate toilet for girls; 35 per cent did not have drinking water facility. In lower primary schools, 67 per cent did not have a separate toilet for girls, and only 58 per cent had drinking water facility.

However, in Gulbarga district all the 840 primary schools and 955 higher primary schools had ramps for the physically challenged.

  • 46 p.c. of high schools in HK region do not have separate toilets for girls
  • Many government schools lack drinking water, ramps for physically challenged students