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BANGALORE: After 18 months of work, Lamingo Systems Private Ltd. has launched during the tax filing season, to enable a smooth and easy ride for taxpayers. Filing tax returns is considered nightmarish. This website attempts a convenient method to tackle it. The preparation of tax returns is free for people with annual income of up to Rs. 3.5 lakh. For those beyond this limit, a fee of Rs. 149 or Rs. 249 is payable.

G.L. Rungta of Lamingo Systems Private Ltd. says that one does not require any knowledge of income tax laws to use the website, and that it is extremely user friendly. The website also covers an extensive range of tax-saving options attempting to ensure that the user has maximum tax-saving benefits. The traditional paper filing of tax returns is supported by this website even though e-filing has more benefits. A host of corporate companies can get discounts by using the website. Mr. Rungta says: “Our developmental phase began with a set of software engineers, chartered accountants and retired income tax officials. Our aim was to simplify the system of filing tax returns and also ensure that a lot of people benefit from this.” He adds that their aim was also help non-resident Indians who invest a lot of money on the Indian stock market to file their returns here.

Right now, the Lamingo Systems team comprises 25 people of which 10 work on developmental issues and the rest work on accounts. Those who do need assistance filing their taxes online, or those who do not have access to the internet can avail the help of tax experts around the country by sending an SMS message to 9886006711 or 9663376711. For more details log onto