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People told not to allow water to stagnate near their houses

69 blood samples have been sent from Mysore to National Institute of Virology, Bangalore Only 11 of the 93 primary health centres have reported cases showing symptoms

MYSORE: No cases of chikungunya have been reported in Mysore district, District Health and Family Welfare Officer Srinivas has said.

He was speaking at a meeting of doctors of primary health centres in the district organised here on Tuesday to take precautionary measures against outbreak of the disease.

Dr. Srinivas said that symptoms of chikungunya had been reported in 10 villages in the district. As many as 69 blood samples had been sent to the National Institute of Virology, Bangalore. The results were awaited, he said.

Only 11 of the 93 primary health centres had reported cases showing symptoms of the disease. No cases had been reported in Periyapatna and H.D. Kote taluks, he said.

Dr. Srinivas urged the public to cooperate with the efforts of government agencies in checking spread of the disease. Water should not be allowed to stagnate on the premises of houses for it might turn into a breeding ground of mosquitoes, he added.

Chennappa Gowda, Chief Executive Officer of Mysore Zilla Panchayat, said that two medical squads had been set up in the district to prevent outbreak of epidemic diseases.

People could call on phone numbers 98440-31183/ 98806-34788 in case of an epidemic outbreak. Teams comprising medical personnel had been set up at the taluk level, and directions issued to maintain hygiene in villages, he added.