A gang of nine persons, including two women, all hailing from Gujarat, was arrested by the J.P. Nagar police recently for allegedly duping a few doctors here by passing off cheap metal ornaments as gold jewellery and valuable objects.

The police said that the gang members, including those still at large, had collected at least a few lakh of rupees after duping medical professionals.


The arrested were identified as Ramlal Gangaram (29), Premlal Ramlal (37), Babulal Ramlal (45), Kumar Solanki (28), L. Harilal (20), Shankarlal Babulal (21), Srinivaslal alias Seenu (19), Vani Bai (57) and Gowri Bai (25), all residents of Junawadad village in Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

They were arrested after Chaitra of Sri Pali Clinic in J.P. Nagar 4th Stage filed a complaint.

The gang members had allegedly duped Dr. Chaitra by giving her 2.5 kg cheap metal ornaments as gold ornaments after taking Rs. 10 lakh from her. The police have recovered some lethal weapons and fake gold ornaments from the gang members.

Modus operandi

According to the J.P. Nagar police, the gang members used to show the customers, especially doctors, some gold ornaments and offer to sell them at cheap rates.

“The gang members used to send women to identify gullible doctors. Three doctors here easily became their victims, after the gang members offered ‘gold' for much lower price than the existing rates in the open market,” the police told The Hindu .

  • The gang, which has two women, is from Gujarat
  • It was arrested on a complaint from a doctor