Imran Ahmed, an Indian who was working in Saudi Arabia as a dentist, has found himself in the middle of a terror investigation being conducted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

The NIA team, which picked him up after his arrival in the city on October 29, believes he can lead them to a terror suspect identified as “Motu Doctor”, believed to be holed up in Saudi Arabia.

Motu Doctor is suspected to be a member of the terror module set up to eliminate some journalists and Hindutva leaders, busted by the city police and their Andhra Pradesh counterparts more than a year ago.

Dr. Imran’s family members, however, have refuted the allegations against him and are crying foul over his arrest.

The doctor was reportedly unaware that his name figured as the 22nd accused in a charge sheet filed in the case before the jurisdictional court about three months ago, and was in the city on a holiday.

The probe agency is trying to ascertain Dr. Imran’s role in the terror module, which spread across Bangalore, Nanded and Hyderabad, while also exploring his connections to other suspects.

The doctor was married to the sister of Sabeel Ahmed and Kafeel Ahmed, who were initially charged with the 2007 Glasgow airport bombing.

While Kafeel died of injuries suffered in the suicide attack, Dr. Sabeel was charged with withholding information about the plot and deported to India. Dr. Imran’s marriage didn’t last long, family sources added.

Officials believe that Motu Doctor is none other than Dr. Sabeel, but, they are yet to confirm this. According to the charge sheet in which Motu Doctor is also named, he is accused of having provided financial assistance and logistic support from Saudi Arabia for the terror plot.

Dr. Imran’s mother had called a press conference to refute the allegations against her son, but this was cancelled. When contacted by The Hindu , she refused to comment further.